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Who We Are & What to Expect

Ovenclean is a unique mobile kitchen cleaning service providing professional handcrafted cleans for your kitchen and cooking appliances. We specialize in bringing a sparkle to ovens, stove tops, range hoods, fridges, BBQs, and microwaves. It's the perfect service for home staging, moving into a new home, or just that once a year deep clean.

We service all parts of your appliances, including the racks, doors, grills and filters. We do not use high alkali gels or caustic chemicals. Our range of unique, 100% caustic-free solutions are specially formulated to provide the highest quality cleans without worry.

Versus self-cleaning and aerosol cleaners we produce the sparkle without the toxic fumes, high equipment stress, damaged racks, smoke, heat, and potential repair bills. This assures you of a safe, clean and hygienic appliance and allows you instant use of your oven,stove or BBQ, while causing minimal disturbance to you in your home.

Our How We Shine testimonials are witness to our dedication to customer service, quality workmanship, and producing results that ‘self-cleaning’ just can not match. Our pricing is transparent and clear and we schedule our service to meet your needs – to the minute, not “sometime between noon and five”. And if you don’t think the job is right, we will fix to your satisfaction or refund your money. It’s that simple!

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Everyone loves a clean Oven, see why thousands of customers love Ovenclean's Oven cleaning services!

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Investing in Ovenclean is the best decision I've ever made.

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