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What is Ovenclean?

Ovenclean is the only professional oven cleaning service in Canada.  We use our specially equipped mobile van service to provide on site handcrafted cleaning.  Our acclaimed results are achieved with non-toxic solutions, the right equipment, know-how and hard work.  Our Customers avoid the toxic fumes & risks of self-cleaning ovens or noxious aerosol cleaners.  Our services also cover BBQs, stove tops, range hoods, and microwaves.

Where does Ovenclean operate?

Ovenclean currently covers the London Ontario, Guelph, Hamilton areas.  We are actively seeking franchise operators to expand our coverage of the Toronto region and also look to expand to Ottawa.

How long has Ovenclean been established?

Launched in 1992 in the United Kingdom, Ovenclean is the UK's first and most successful oven cleaning specialist, currently providing services to thousands of satisfied households.  Ovenclean Canada launched in Toronto, Hamilton and Southwest Ontario in May 2014 and is currently seeking franchisees to expand the business across the region.

What Products are used by Ovenclean?

Ovenclean specialists clean ovens to near showroom condition within a matter of hours using a unique environmentally friendly and caustic-free range of Ovenclean solutions. Non-toxic oven cleaning products are seldom found on supermarket shelves; so achieving this level of clean on your own can be an arduous task. The Ovenclean service is second to none, leaving pristine appliances with no mess, no fuss and no bother

What training do your specialists have?

You can be assured that all Ovenclean Specialists offer the highest standard in oven cleaning. Your appliances are in safe hands, as all Specialists have been thoroughly trained during a two-week intensive training program and also in-the-field with established Ovenclean Specialists.

Why should I use Ovenclean for my oven cleaning?

Our unique cleaning system is environmentally-friendly, 100% caustic and solvent free.  Our Customers benefit from a safe environment and a fume-free home.  Furthermore, this means ovens and appliances are completely safe to use just as soon as we've finished!  We aim to complete work with minimal disturbance to family and home.  We can provide an Ovenclean service that is completed to the highest standards by a skilled Specialist in just a couple of hours.  See the 'How We Shine' page and how our Customers respond to the quality of the service.

What do Ovenclean specialists do that I can't do myself?

To complete our service, we use non-toxic proprietary solutions, the right equipment for each part of the job, a specially-equipped mobile service van, and hard work.  We understand how to put those elements together efficiently to provide a great result while doing it safely and without damaging your appliance.  Our expertise also stretches beyond cleaning ovens.  We also clean barbeques, range hoods, stove tops, commercial ovens and gas tops, and microwaves.  Listen to what others say: our valued testimonials are on the 'How We Shine' page.

Can Ovenclean clean 'self-cleaning' ovens?

Yes, many Customers with 'self-cleaning' ovens (or more appropriately 'assisted-cleaning ovens') use the services of Ovenclean to achieve a true and complete clean without the fumes and potential appliance damage associated with 'self-cleaning'.  As well, Ovenclean provides a complete ready-to-use result, including racks that are permanently damaged in the extreme heat conditions of the 'self-clean' cycle.

Why use Ovenclean when I have a ‘self-cleaning” oven?

Self-cleaning ovens are made of self-clean interiors and/or liners, designed to burn off debris left behind from cooking. However, many do not reach the high temperature needed to produce the required result. Ovenclean customers express how difficult it can be to attempt cleaning such ovens themselves, as these liners 'hide' the majority of grease and fat build-up. Your local Ovenclean Specialist will be able to remove these panels to get all fat, grease and carbon deposits that could otherwise have posed a fire risk; particularly around the main heating element.  Using the expertise of one of our Specialists, you can avoid heating your oven to extremely high temperatures that will compromise the functionality of the components and prolong the life of your appliance.

Are all Ovenclean specialists insured?

Yes, all Ovenclean Specialists are insured.  Before and during the service, we take note of pre-existing conditions on your appliance and bring them to your attention.  Our Specialists are trained to ensure that the cleaning will not create risk to your property. 

How do I get pricing and book an appointment?

You can give us a call at 1-888-203-2345 or use the Price & Book page on this site to get the total price for the services you need.  Bundle Discounts for multi-appliance appointments are automatically calculated for you.  From there, you can schedule your services to the specific time that suits your schedule.  Our appointments are booked to the minute not a projected time range that blocks your day.  With Ovenclean, you are in control and know exactly what to expect. 

How often will my oven need to be professionally cleaned?

It’s all dependent on what you cook and how often you use your oven.  Regular use of the oven for traditionally prepared meals can require a deep clean every 6 months, to avoid the build up of fat, grease and carbon deposits.  Heavier use of your oven may require quarterly visits, while those Customers who use their oven lightly will book an annual clean.

Do your Ovenclean Specialists carry spare parts?

Ovenclean is not a repair company but our Specialists carry some replacement bulbs.  If you require parts, let your local Specialist know in advance and Ovenclean can recommend a reputable supplier and help point you in the right direction.

Do you have more questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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