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How We Shine - (Yes, these are real Customers and their true feedback)

"Prompt, very professional and pleasant people. Great job."

Diane G  -  Kains and Riverbend District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2017/18)


"Very personable! As a property manager, I was looking for other vendors and Tilda and Dave were very helpful. I would definitely recommend their services to others. Thank you!"

Sandi S  -  Property Manager  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2017/18) 

"I will never attempt to do this any other way!  Thank you so much :) "
Cheryl M  -  Kilworth, Ontario      (Winter 2017/18)
"An excellent job and a great value. Count us in as regular customers. Highly recommended!" 
Eric A  -  Komoka, Ontario      (Fall 2017)

"The service provided by Ovenclean is fantastic!  Shane came out and did a thorough and detailed cleaning of my range hood. I will definitely use them in the future when other appliances require cleaning."

Avigayil B  -  Bathurst and Sheppard District   -  North York, Ontario      (Fall 2017)

"Wow Tilda!!! We can’t even believe the before and after!! Absolutely worth every penny!!!! Kevin was speechless when we got home this afternoon. It takes a lot to impress Kevin as he has a hard time spending money on stuff like this when he feels he could just do it himself, and he is BEYOND impressed!! You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to everyone I know."
Amy C  -  Sunningdale and Richmond District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2017)

Our oven is ten years old and it looks like new. The stove top and glass door are sparkling. Thanks, great job!

Lisa B  -  Ilderton, Ontario      (Fall 2017) 


"Our oven looks brand new. No harsh smells for our babes, highly efficient, and very kind facilitators. Highly recommend."
Amy R  -  Sunningdale and  Adelaide District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2017)

"I didn't know it was possible that my oven could look and be so clean.  The service was fantastic and efficient. I will definitely use your service again.  I am proud to pass this oven off to Habitat for Humanity for another family to enjoy."

Carol K  -  Riverside and Hartson District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2017) 


"Everything was perfect, Mr. Shane did an excellent job and he is a great person.  I really appreciate the job that your company does.  It's definitely worth the price you guys charge!!!  Thanks so much!"

Fabio G  -  Victoria Park and Sheppard District  -  North York, Ontario      (Fall 2017)


"Very professional job, we could not have done such a great job. Thanks!"

Mark G  -  Bronte and Derry District  -  Milton, Ontario      (Fall 2017)


"Always enjoy my time with Tilda and David. They arrive when they say they will and my stove and barbecue always look brand new when they leave." 

Barbara D  -  Baseline and Grandview District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2017)


"Absolutely amazing service throughout entire process! Wish more business owners would take the Kings’ approach !!"

Lori Y  -  Colbourne and Dufferin District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2017)


Have called upon Tilda and Dave to book oven, BBQ and hood cleaning and continually recommend them to others. Everything sparkles like brand new!  

Janet C  -  Shore and Kains District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2017)


"Holy Mackerel!  It's like a new BBQ!  I will definitely recommend you."
Steve J  -  Grandview and Baseline District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2017)
"Shut Up!!  That is amazing."
Jan K  -  Realtor  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2017)
"Had my oven cleaned for the first time. Literally like new. Great job!"
Janis S  -  Marconi and Gore District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2017)
"You are a genius!  Couldn't be better!  I am very pleased!" 
Nancy S  -  Sydenham and St James District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2017)
"Tilda and David cleaned our BBQ this morning. When they were finished it looked as if it had never been used. We will make this an annual event." 
Debbie B  -  Southdale and Wellington District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2017)


"My oven had bothered me for about a year but now its as if I have a new oven.  Thanks Ovenclean London for a wonderful job." 

Michele G  -  Hartson and Riverside District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2017)


"I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job of our oven!! So fabulous!!"

Melissa T  -  Ridout and Beaconsfield District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2016/17)


"I was so pleased with the result that I said I would need to get my husband out of the shower to see the finished job!"
Jackie F  -  Springbank and Wonderland District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2016/17)

"Before hiring Ovenclean I was even too scared to cook stuff in my oven as it had become so dirty and I hate the smell of the oven cleaning cans they sell in the stores.  After David and Tilda came - Simply Amazing - my oven looks brand new, the way it was cleaned was SAFE and non-toxic and didn't even leave any sort of smell at all while they were cleaning it!  Added bonus they love animals so I didn't have to move my pet anywhere."

Maria G  -  Oxford and Commissioners District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2016/17)


"I tried to self clean my oven but the smoke and fumes were so bad I had to switch it off and open all my doors and windows.  I was concerned for my baby boy. I then called in Ovenclean London and they cleaned my oven, with no smoke and no fumes, while my baby and I sat nearby."

Christina W  -  Huntingdon and Commissioners District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2016)


"We can spend our money on silly things but this is wonderful. Wow! It's like having a new oven."

Mirella O  -  Adelaide and Southdale District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2016)


"Wonderful, I didn't expect you to be so thorough!"  

Jill V  -  Boler and Springbank District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2016)


"Thank you Tilda & Dave for an amazing job. It looks brand new and I feel the need to leave the oven light on! Who knew you didn't have to live with the grease drip between the glass on the door?"  

Patricia S  -  Teeple and Wonderland District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2016)


What a great job!  My barbeque is spotlessly clean and my neighbours thought I bought a new barbeque.  I certainly will be calling again.  Thanks and good wishes!

Del M  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2016)


Ovenclean London cleaned our BBQ as a Father's Day gift for my hubby.  It looked amazing.  I asked them for copies of their before and after pics so that I could spread the word on social media. Great Service!

Miranda L  -  Chestnut and Commissioners District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2016)


"Thank you so much Tilda and David. You did a terrific job on the BBQ and the oven cleaning job was truly amazing! It had been so overdue for a clean (even though it is a self-cleaning oven) that it truly was a fire hazard! I could not see through the window at all before and it is pristine now. I would never hesitate to refer you to anyone! Thank you for all of the hard work that you do."

Anne H  -  Ridout and Base Line District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2016)


"Wow! When they were finished cleaning my oven the before and after were like night and day!"

Matthew T  -  Tweedsmuir and Hale District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2016)


"Wow! Just…wow! I can't stop opening my oven door and turning on the light to admire your handiwork. I didn't know the cast-iron grates on the stovetop could look so good. Thanks so much Tilda and David! I know what I'm asking for for Mother's Day next year!"

Tanya D  -  Wharncliffe and Base Line District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2016)


"Wow you guys! That's insane!"

Katie W  -  Westdel Bourne and Kains District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16) 


"Tilda and David did two cleans for me today. Two single ovens and a stove top. When they said they may post some before and after pics on Facebook, I said I wasn't surprised. The ovens looked great!!  I will be recommending them to our tenants."

Property Manager  -  Dufferin and Colbourne District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Huge shout out to Tilda & Dave! Thanks for cleaning my oven today! You did an AMAZING job!  A little #‎selfcare and a beautiful, shiny oven! "

Deb C  -  Trafalgar and Memorial Parkway District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Holy Cow!  The result was beyond what I was expecting.  Tilda and David cleaned the oven and between the glass in the door after I had a spillover while roasting turkey.  The finished job was amazing and they did it so quickly with no smell or mess.  I asked for copies of the before and after pics so that I could share.  It doesn't happen with many companies anymore but we had great communication beforehand and they showed up on time."

Kristen M  -  Boler and Griffith District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Shout-out to Tilda and her hubby... They did a great job cleaning out my ovens!!! Highly recommend this service... Thanks for bringing back the sparkle!"

Brenda K  -  Tartan and Veterans Parkway District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Thanks so much Tilda and David!!! My oven (apartment-issue, supposed self-cleaning oven that doesn't self-clean) looks wonderful! Worth every penny!!! Will give my highest recommendation on your professional service to my friends and superintendents!!! Looking forward to baking some meringues in my beeyootiful, grease-free, like-new oven!!!"

Wendy L  -  Ridout and Grand District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Wow! I was truly impressed by the results that David and Tilda achieved on my oven. They were here for about an hour and a half and it was well worth the money. My wife will love it !"

David G  -  Adelaide and Sunningdale District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2015/16)


"Thank YOUI!  Tilda and David.  My oven looks like new and it was a greasy mess.  What a gift you have given my home - a shiny stove top and a sparkling oven!  YOU are the best!"

Barbara K  -  Adevon and Valetta District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"I felt like Tilda King was my fairy godmother today.  After a stressful couple of weeks I sure needed her.  It was worth every penny and I will be calling her again!  She was so accommodating, able to show up early.  I am just delighted that she provided this service and it was finally a bright spot in this week.  Plus she has a doggie - how could she not be some sort of fairy godmother."

Michelle W  -  Property Manager  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"They cleaned a stove for me last week and it now looks brand new.  They're fantastic!"

Olga N  -  Wharncliffe and Horton District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015) 


"My stove top and oven look great after Ovenclean did their work.  I don't know how they managed to get the marks off my stove top but they did. The results look like their website claims, sparkling like new with no fumes or mess. It was a pleasure having them in our home."

Sue W  -  Ailsa Craig, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


Wow!  Must admit I was a bit skeptical, but seeing is believing!! Thank you Tilda and honestly made my old stove look new again....what an amazing job you did right down to the light bulbs in the range hood!! I will pass the word doubt about that....don't think enough people are aware that this service exists. Christmas is coming.......great idea for a gift! Huge thanks again from both Don and he is off the hook to clean!!

 Pat D  -  Putnam, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"Tilda and David had cleaned my large range and range hood at the end of last year. This time I wanted to get a jump on the Christmas season and called them in a bit earlier. That's one thing off my list!"

Diane M - Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015) 


"Tilda called to see if we wanted our BBQ cleaned before putting it away for the season. They did our end of year clean last year and we were really pleased with the results so had no hesitation in having them do the job this year too. For us cleaning the BBQ ourselves is a thing of the past. 

Pat C  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


""Super Wonderful job" is what I said when David and Tilda were finished with my oven and stove top. So glad that I called them!"

Diane H  -  Mitchell and Princess  District  -  St Thomas, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"My convection oven was smoking even at low temperatures. David and Tilda came in today and gave it a thorough clean, even behind the back panel. Now it is ready for Thanksgiving turkey and lots of baking!" 

Sandra M  -  Clarke and Trafalgar District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"I am moving out of my unit and called Ovenclean in to clean my oven before I left.  I admit it was in bad shape but by the time they were finished I could not believe what they were able to do.  If they can clean that they can clean anything! "

Ron H  -  Blackacres and Wonderland District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2015)


"I saw the Ovenclean ad in the weekend newspaper and decided to give them a call.  David and Tilda did a great job on my oven and stove top and I made the "Wow" comment, which they say they hear every day.  I can believe that."
Ron W  -  Dundas and Clarke District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)
"We are getting ready to put our BBQ into storage and do not have time to do the job ourselves.  Ovenclean London uses all the right tools and product to do the job efficiently and thoroughly.  I am so glad I called them.  Now I know those testimonials on their website are for real."
TR  -  Riverbend District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)
"We have been singing your praises around the neighbourhood and given away a couple of brochures.  My cleaning lady paid you a real compliment yesterday when I asked her if she had seen our beautiful clean stove top, and she looked at it and said, "Oh wow, did you get a new one?".  Many thanks again for a terrific job."
Andrea G  -  Fanshawe and Pinnacle Parkway District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)
"The word had spread in our neighbourhood about the great BBQ cleans that Ovenclean London had been doing.  They came to clean our Weber Genesis this morning and I am really pleased with the result.  As their advertising says, we got a shiny clean BBQ with No Mess No Fuss No Bother."
Heather D  -  Arva, Ontario      (Summer 2015)

"We live in a cul-de-sac where all of the neighbours were talking about the work that Ovenclean London had done on their ovens and BBQs. I made an appointment for them to clean my Weber BBQ and was delighted by the results. It looked amazing. I have now asked them to go and clean for my daughter. If you have not used them to clean your oven or BBQ, what are you waiting for?"

Donna M - Riverside and Boler District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)


"We are getting ready to sell our home and asked Ovenclean to clean off some smoke residue that was caught between the glass in our oven door. They carefully split the door apart, cleaned and reassembled it. During the visit I asked if they could also clean the oven racks. They squeezed that in too so now we can confidently list our home knowing that the whole kitchen sparkles!

Susan C  -  Adelaide and Fanshawe District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)


"I almost didn't want to barbeque tonight as Tilda and David did a FABULOUS job cleaning our BBQ! Wow...inside and out. Way beyond my expectations. Thank you...and loved how you cleaned the "fire" as well!"

Susan R  -  Wonderland and Sarnia District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)


"What a treat – a friendly, professional and ever so-thorough team cleaning your stove top and oven.  They positively shine and David even took out the broken oven light bulb and replaced it.  I would highly recommend Ovenclean London for any of the services they provide – you couldn’t do better!"

Monica M  -  Oxford and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)


"Ovenclean London cleaned our BBQ and stove top a couple of weeks ago. I was pleased with what they did and asked them to come back and clean my oven.  David and Tilda really pay attention to detail and provide great customer service. I will have them back regularly to maintain our appliances."

Anita S  -  Riverside and Boler District  -  London, Ontario      (Summer 2015)

"A friend had used Ovenclean London and recommended them for our BBQ.  
I am truly pleased with the results and can't wait to share the before and after photos!"

Angie T  -  Settlement Trail District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"We had seen the Ovenclean van around town so when we needed our gas stove top and oven cleaned we called them to come in and do the job.  When they were finished, our appliance looked as good as the day we bought it."

Marilyn M and Bill S  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"We heard from a neighbour about the great results that Tilda and David achieved on their BBQ.  We brought them in to clean our BBQ and stove top in the kitchen.  I was very pleased when I saw the finished results.  Now I need to change my menu for a family event on the weekend as I don't want to dirty my shiny sparkling BBQ!"

Susan J  -  Arva, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"I was simply amazed with this service. My five year old Weber BBQ was restored to brand new condition.  In the past, I have tried to clean it regularly, but over the last few years, the build up of grease on the sides, drop plates and grills was just too hard to keep up with.  Overclean arrived promptly as scheduled and efficiently returned my BBQ to near original shape inside and gleaming shape outside.  This service is definitely worth the cost as it saved me hours of labour intensive cleaning and scraping, with 100% better results with no mess left behind.  I could never of gotten the grease and grime off that these professionals were able to accomplish.  The job was thoroughly and methodically completed in 2 hours.  I already have plans to schedule a cleaning for next spring, as I plan on extensive BBQ usage this summer. Thanks for a great job!

Jason S  -  Fanshawe and Adelaide District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"Tilda King and her energetic team have cleaned both our JennAir and most recently our barbecue in London.  They do a superb job.  They are efficient, personable, punctual, and incredibly hard working.  They leave your stove and/or barbecue sparkling.  I cannot recommend them more highly."

Deb L  -  Timber and Byron Baseline District  -  London, Ontario     (Spring 2015)


"Our once greasy BBQ now, quite literally, shines! Tilda and David's services were quick, efficient and ensured that there was no mess in my yard or anywhere around the BBQ unit (which is surrounded by garden). I would highly recommend their services for anyone who needs their BBQ or oven cleaned."

Terri H  -  Stormont and Commissioner's District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"I had the opportunity to use this service as a gift from a friend. Tilda and Dave in London arrived as scheduled. They were very personable and extremely efficient. The oven looked like new when they were finished. i will recommend this to as many other people as i can! The service was fabulous!!"

Debra F  -  Adelaide and Horton District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"Thank you very much Tilda and David for the excellent job you did on my oven, stove top and fridge.  Wow, 5 stars out of 5, they look brand new!  You were also very professional and caring, l trusted you completely in my home.  I also was impressed that there were no odours when l walked in.  I also feel your wonderful services would make great gifts for Father's Day (BBQ), shower gifts, Mother's Day, Birthdays ... what a wonderful surprise for someone!  I will call you again next time and l will not wait so long .Thanks again for your super clean job!

Sue Z  -  Colonel Talbot and James District  -  London, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"Had a great experience using Ovenclean.  Will definitely use them again and refer their services to others!"

Angel A - Postmaster and Pine Glen District - Oakville, Ontario      (Spring 2015)


"I just cannot believe how sparkling clean my oven and stove top look! Tilda and Dave transformed my appliance into a piece I can now love to use instead of dread trying to clean!  I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to freshen up or thoroughly clean their oven and/ or stove top. I will definitely use them again, maybe even for my BBQ this Spring! Thanks Ovenclean!

Rhonda S - Fanshawe Park and Richmond District - London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"Thank you, thank you, Tilda!  I had London Ovenclean out to clean my BBQ in the fall (fantastic job!!) so I decided to have my double wall oven cleaned a week ago by the same team.  Tilda was amazing, courteous, efficient and the price was well worth it.  They exceeded all my expectations again.... my ovens look amazing, like brand new.  I've decided to treat myself annually to an oven cleaning and a BBQ cleaning ... simply great!"

Suzanne T  -  Hyde Park and Oxford District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"We bought a new oven and asked Ovenclean to clean the old one before we pass it on to someone else.  We loved what they did.  Before they left I arranged a BBQ cleaning in the spring.  I wanted to make sure they had us scheduled before they get booked up.  I also took some of their brochures and business cards to pass on to my real estate colleagues and clients."

Barbara D  -  Grand View and Byron Baseline District  - London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"I had only one thing to say when Tilda and David had finished.  "Wow! I never thought I would see my oven that clean again."  The door especially looks amazing.  Now I will schedule them on a regular basis to keep it looking this good."

Lorna K  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  - London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"David and Tilda arrived right on time despite the terrible snowstorm today.  Thank you for your great work; I can’t say how long it has been since I have been able to open my oven door so proudly!  Now I just need to keep it clean."

Susan W  -  Wonderland and Village Green District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"I had to reschedule Ovenclean's visit but they still got my oven cleaned in time for my Christmas baking session.  I have self-cleaned before but could never get my oven to look like this, especially the door.  Now my Christmas cookies will not taste like Thanksgiving turkey!"

Heather V  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"When the offer from Ovenclean arrived in the mail, I was intrigued.  There is no household job I despise more than oven- cleaning.  I love a clean house, especially the kitchen but the oven is daunting and physically challenging.  Tilda and her team arrived within a few days of my call. They worked diligently and dare I say, happily, on my Jenn-Air and its many attachments. The transformation was nothing short of amazing. I would recommend Ovenclean to everyone - we were so comfortable with the team and their integrity and industriousness, that we left them alone with our oven while we ran errands.  When we returned, the kitchen was a happy place!"

Deb L  -  Timber and Byron Baseline District  -  London, Ontario     (Winter 2014-15)


"Due to my busy schedule I contacted Ovenclean to have them come in to clean my oven and stove top.  Tilda and her team arrived on time and worked their magic on my appliance. I got a shiny clean oven and stove and also got time to get my office work done!"

Monique F  -  Wharncliffe and Southdale District  -  London, Ontario      (Winter 2014-15)


"We had a fire in our oven and Ovenclean came to restore it to almost new condition.  Our oven is cleaner than it’s ever been.  I called on a Wednesday and wanted it clean by the weekend.  They went out of their way to get here on Friday, making it possible for me to use it for the weekend.  I would recommend Ovenclean to my friends and family!"

Lisa G  -  Dundas and Dufferin District  -  Toronto, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"As a treat to myself I brought Ovenclean in to clean up a nasty spillover from my Thanksgiving turkey.  It was causing lots of smoke even at a low heat.  They did a fantastic job.  I will never self clean again!!"

Michelle O  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"My wife is due to return from a trip and I thought I would surprise her with an Ovenclean service on our oven and stove top.  I spoke with Tilda on Sunday and she responded quickly.  I am smiling at the result and can't wait until my wife gets home to see the surprise!"

A. B.  -  Glendon and Kilworth Park District  -  Kilworth, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"I called Ovenclean, we arranged a suitable date.  They came in, worked hard for a while and left behind a shiny, clean BBQ.  It was that easy. I truly recommend this service." 

Tracy L  -  Riverside and Hyde Park District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"Just a quick note to let you know that your service far exceeded my expectations (which for me is highly unusual).  Thrilled with the team in London Ontario.  Thank you so very much, our BBQ looks spectacular!

Suzanne T  -  Hyde Park and Oxford District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"An outstanding job!!! Tilda and her team were wonderful! Our oven and BBQ looks brand new!! Highly recommended!!

Cheryl R  -  Riverside and Boler District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


“Tilda King at Ovenclean London was referred by a friend.  I am glad I made the call to them.  I was "Wowed" by the result when they cleaned my BBQ and it looks great.  Also, the care displayed makes it clear to me that this company intends to win their business through customer service."

Cheryl R  -  Wellington and Victoria District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"I wanted to use the oven in our new home confidently and to have it cleaned thoroughly, safely, and with non-toxic products.  Ovenclean did that for me and even took off the back plate and fan and cleaned areas that are just not easy to get at."

Deborah  -  Avenue & Lawrence District  -  Toronto, Ontario      (Oct 2014)


"I was keen to get my BBQ cleaned and was grateful that Ovenclean was such an easy answer to get the job done and in a way that I couldn't have done myself.  When Tilda finished, it looked amazing."

Pam L  -  Southdale & Colonel Talbot District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"It's not easy for me to clean my oven by myself so I am glad that I found you at the Cherryhill Mall Seniors Wellness Day booth.  Tilda, you did an A+ job and I will spread the word about your service."

Dawn R  -  Cherryhill District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"Moving into a new place is a huge job and when I saw the work needed to get the stove top and the fan above the oven to a good condition, I found Ovenclean through Google.  They did a great job on something I just didn't have time to work on."

Veronica L  -  Pine Glen Park District  -  Oakville, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"I'm going through a major renovation in our new home and I wanted the kitchen appliances to do credit to the work going into the house.  Ovenclean came over and cleaned my complete oven, stove and range hood so that I'm very happy to have them at the centre of our new kitchen (they even polished up the dishwasher as a bonus)!"

Emily M  -  Yonge & Lawrence District  -  Toronto, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"Just had to comment on how happy I am with the wonderful cleaning job on my barbecue today.  It looks so good, a really thoroughly, professional job.  I so want to keep it looking that way!  Many thanks!"

Shona H  -  Fanshawe Park & Richmond District  -  London, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"The previous tenants in my place were heavy cookers and left a greasy, baked-on mess on the stove and hood.  I was not going to be able to get it clean and my landlord agreed to bring in someone to help.  So, Ovenclean came on a Sunday and gave me a kitchen that I can now use and enjoy."

Nancy O  -  Lakeshore & Islington District  -  Etobicoke, Ontario      (Fall 2014)


"In May, I called Ovenclean to help get my home staged for sale.  I valued the service so much, I had them back to my new home to clean my oven, BBQ, stove top, and range hood.  The results are beyond anything self-cleaning could achieve and getting the other cooking equipment done was a great package."

Duncan M  -  Avenue & Davenport District  -  Toronto, Ontario      (Fall 2014)