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Tilda & Dave King

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Tilda and David King are keenly appreciated by their customers in London, from personal homes to apartments, community and religious centres to golf courses. They are building their business on quality, handcrafted cleaning and customer relationships. Their testimonials tell the story in How We Shine!


Our Featured Before and After


Not everyone's oven needs quite this amount of work but we can deal with it.  We have had customers who actually wondered if their oven could be recovered and were pretty happy when we were done.

Blog - Ovenclean London

The word on the street is ...  -  2 November 2017

We smile when our clients give us testimonials.  Not just because they praise our work but because they so often mirror the personalities of the clients themselves ...


"Before hiring Ovenclean I was even too scared to cook stuff in my oven as it had become so dirty and I hate the smell of the oven cleaning cans they sell in the stores.  After David and Tilda came - Simply Amazing - my oven looks brand new, the way it was cleaned was SAFE and non-toxic and didn't even leave any sort of smell at all while they were cleaning it!  Added bonus they love animals so I didn't have to move my pet anywhere."

Maria G  -  Oxford and Commissioners District  -  London, Ontario